Hero Code

The Space Heroes Code:
                 Hello heroes so...If you want some Purple
Jackets or a Medal...Follow The hero codes.....According to Shu mods"Making Shu As REwarding,fun and Safe as Possible Relies on every player following space  hero code to ensure the galaxy is awesome for everyone...

if u need some help regarding fro the Rules Just contact shu..Click Here

And There are Some Heroes G0t Purple Jacket..BEcause They
Following The Hero Codes... and me i always wanted to get one...
And i have some List Here

  1. Adrian
  2. Astronomical
  3. Atom (Super C)
  4. Alien
  5. Batman
  6. CAps
  7. Chocolate
  8. Chuckles
  9. Cool ICe
  10. Cold HEarts
  11. Cozaa
  12. Dashing MAs
  13. Drew Boy
  14. Dannoj
  15. Fizzabalista
  16. Galaxias
  17. Geronimo Sti
  18. Guy
  19. GG Star
  20. Harizma
  21. I hugs
  22. Justice Girl
  23. Imani
  24. Lillia
  25. Lang
  26. Lol
  27. Luke
  28. Jedi
  29. Kai
  30. Kolohi Kai
  31. Kylea
  32. Kitten
  33. Minni me
  34. Mia 
  35. Missy
  36. Noah
  37. Nadine
  38. Nooie
  39. Ofa
  40. Pink POwer
  41. Roxy
  42. Rose
  43. Sarah
  44. Signal Out
  45. Star
  46. Super Ann
  47. Super Hero
  48. Sonic
  49. Timbo
  50. Twinkles
  51. Tony
  52. Wisp
And All THe Moderator (Mods)

So many There U go...The heroes That goot The Purple JAcket
They make A Squad A Purple Jacket Squad Or P.J. SQUAD...
awesome Right..ooh i realy wanted to right my name in thier
But be Kind And hOnest

(Note:Dont Ask the mod To give u some Purpe Jacket)

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